About Us

We are a National Professional Medical Association of Specialists in Anatomical and Cytopathology (simply referred herein as Pathology) operating under the umbrella of the Lebanese Order of Physicians of Beirut.

Our active membership covers the near totality of all pathologists officially registered in this specialty at both Lebanese Orders of Physicians of Beirut and Tripoli.

We also have a sizeable junior membership of pathologists in training (Residents) as well as a few Honorary members from Lebanon and the Arab World.

Our mission is to best serve our physician-members and the patients we care for, by contributing to spread germane knowledge and up-to-date information related to all aspects of our profession.

This website is only one milestone of an ongoing journey which started about two decades ago with the foundation of this Society.

We hope you will join us online and visit our site regularly and we encourage you to contact us anytime by emailing your comments and suggestions to: info@lsp-lb.org.

Thank you for spending some time with us.