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Future of Pathology in Lebanon

Dear colleagues and friends:

On behalf of the members of the Lebanese Society of Pathology, I warmly welcome you to this gathering. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge your support by participating to this exceptional and unique conference.

We chose the theme: "The future of Surgical Pathology in Lebanon" as a reminder of our urgent need to talk about the past and longstanding problems that are facing the practice of our specialty in Lebanon, in order to draw tentative guidelines for the future years to come.

As you all know, the LSP is the natural and exclusive forum in which issues pertaining to the improvement of all aspects of the practice of anatomic pathology should be discussed.

As a quick reminder to our junior members, our society was founded about twenty years ago and moved to its permanent office in the new LOP building a little more than ten years ago. Nineteen different pathologists have served in six different executive boards. These pillars of our society are all credited for making the LSP the dynamic society that it is today.

I am happy to report to you that the LSP stands today at some of its best time ever. The academic activities are strong and ongoing. The website traffic has been more than doubling every year for the past four years. Our financial situation is healthy.

However, some challenges remain that affect our daily practice at different levels in nearly all medical centers. Among these challenges are the low compensation schedule by third party payers for surgical pathology services and the inexistence of a national professional fee schedule for pathologists.

What is not helping is the absence of unity among us and the lack of a cohesive and common enquiry.

What we really need to do is not only to agree on specific targets but also to agree on one solid unanimous strategy in order eventually to obtain our rights.

On behalf of the LSP board, I urge you all, members of the LSP, to help us implement a plan and find a solution to this long standing and hard-to-solve problem.

On the other hand, the crucial and pertinent role of the pathologist in the medical practice should be highlighted, emphasized and better expressed among our medical colleagues from other specialties.

Moreover tonight, we will have the opportunity to participate in discussions lead by senior pathologists and chiefs of departments from different academic centers. The discussions will include: the academic perspectives, the challenges to the practice of pathology, the job market and the future perspectives.

Our junior speakers will expose their expectations and concerns.

I hope that by the end of this meeting, we will be able to achieve these goals and reach a common agreement on how to proceed in the very near future.

Thank you for your support.

Patricia Haswani, MD
President of the Lebanese Society of Pathology

Date: 05 Dec 2015 - 05 Dec 2015
Future of Pathology in Lebanon