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Welcome to Our Website

• The About Us page summarizes who we are as a group, and provides the names and functions of LSP Board members and officers for the last nine terms of service. It is also linked to a current list of all active LSP members. 

Upcoming LSP and other pathology events (shown on the left side of this page) will be announced through the Upcoming Events section of our Homepage. Please note that only the two most immediate upcoming events scheduled will be shown directly on the homepage. More upcoming events can be viewed by clicking the All Events button at the bottom of this section.

• Past LSP events, and other local events to the organization of which the LSP has participated, will be archived in the Latest Events page. Pictures from these events (when available) will be kept in corresponding albums in the Photo Gallery page. When opened, a Photo Album will display thumbnails of all the photos it contains. Clicking on a thumbnail will show that photo in a larger frame. Clicking on the larger photo will display the next one and so on...

• Our website also hosts a Library that will store online an increasing number of medical, administrative and other non-medical documents of interest to pathologists. Most of these documents, which contain text and/or still images, will be available in PDF file format to ensure the broadest possible access. Educational audio and video files and other pathology internet files to which copyright rules might apply will not be loaded into our library, but will need to be accessed directly from the source website through our links (see below).

• The Links page will be a hub of shortcuts to many other websites. Most of these links are to sites that contain state-of-the-art medical reference information, in traditional or multimedia format, important to pathologists. Some links go to medical libraries of large institutions which give access to abstracts or full texts from periodical scientific publications... Yet other links connect to homepages of fellow pathology societies worldwide, to other lebanese medical societies, or to major medical/health national and international organizations…

Maintaining our site only requires keeping it current. This will be done through a built-in Content Management System (CMS) that provides a password-protected interface by which LSP administrators can add, edit and remove content from this site, from any location.

A display in real-time of Beirut's four-day Weather Forecast has been added to the bottom right of our homepage as a gadget. It is provided by AccuWeather.com™ and contains several links to its main site for more extended or detailed weather predictions.

You will note that our homepage has been kept free from paid publicity for the time being. However, this last gadget's block may serve as a placeholder for commercial spots, should there be good reason and sufficient traffic in the future to justify this choice.

Lastly, I want to deeply thank BI4C, the company behind all the concrete work of design and engineering deployed to transfigure, quickly and professionally, the mere idea of an LSP website into the "real" pages you are now visiting.

Happy surfing through our portal!

Beirut, July 4, 2012

Antoine Chucrallah, MD

Lebanese Society of Pathology