Upcoming Events

Mark your Calendars!

This page is mainly for announcing major upcoming international pathology meetings that are scheduled for the next twelve months or so.

Future LSP events and some other local events of interest to pathologists will also be posted here. However, all important and timely LSP announcements (including those of upcoming LSP events)  will continue to be broadcasted by email and/or sms as usual until further notice.

The left pane shows, in chronological order, the upcoming events names and dates.

Clicking on an event's name will display, on the right side, more details about this event, including venue and a link to the primary website where additional information might be obtained.

Older posts will be automatically deleted from this page when outdated.

Please note: Photos and reference material from past LSP events, or events to the organization of which the LSP was associated, are archived in the Latest Events section.